PinUp Affiliate Program

The PinUp Betting and Casino Affiliate Program provides a lucrative avenue for those keen on promoting online casinos and earning in the process. Thanks to its diverse game offerings, PinUp Casino has garnered a significant player base worldwide.

Pin Up affiliates are provided with multiple avenues for revenue generation tailored to cater to a diverse set of preferences. These structures ensure that both novice and seasoned affiliates have the opportunity to earn consistent and significant commissions.

Earning Models:

Given the comprehensive nature of the program, affiliates of varying experience levels can find the Pin Up affiliate system a promising platform for generating consistent revenue.

Pin Up affiliate

Who Can Join the Pin Up Affiliate Program?

PinUp Casino has its doors open for a vast array of affiliates. This includes bloggers, website owners, social media influencers, and marketing enthusiasts who can all enroll in the Pin Up affiliate program. To get started, the primary requirement is having a platform to advertise PinUp and draw new gamers. The entry prerequisites are uncomplicated, ensuring that a vast follower count or profound industry knowledge isn’t obligatory.

As a member of the program, numerous perks await:

  1. Attractive commissions coupled with competitive payment plans.
  2. The potential for passive earnings via player referrals to PinUp.
  3. Prompt and reliable payment systems, eliminating payout concerns.
  4. Access to varied promotional tools and a dedicated account manager for guidance.
  5. Detailed player metrics to aid in refining marketing tactics.

Grasp the chance to be a Pin Up affiliate and earn significant commissions with one of the sector’s eminent online casinos. To become a part, visit the Pin Up partners website and proceed with the Pin Up affiliate login.

Benefits of Joining

The PinUp Affiliate Program holds numerous advantages for those affiliates eager to monetize their web traffic and enhance earnings. As a standout online casino affiliate platform, it has garnered significant trust and esteem.

Licensed PlatformPin Up possesses a valid license, promoting a secure gambling environment, which amplifies your promotional credibility.
Generous RewardsAffiliates can avail of high commissions, choosing from CPA, revenue share, and hybrid models.
Diverse Game RangeWith varied games, from slots to live casinos, affiliates can target a wide player base.
Reputed Brand AssociationPartnering with a trusted name like PinUp Casino enhances affiliate credibility in the market.

Functioning of the PinUp Affiliate Program

The PinUp Casino Affiliate Program is a beacon for those venturing into the burgeoning online gambling domain. Thanks to its intricate affiliate system, PinUp Casino stands as an enabler for affiliates to generate noteworthy revenue across multiple earning structures. In this write-up, we’ll explore the workings of the Pin Up affiliate program, accentuating the main features and perks it offers to its affiliates.

Affiliate Registration and Account Management

For those wishing to become a Pin Up partner, registration is streamlined via the PinUp Partners website. Post-registration, affiliates unlock their personal dashboard, an interface that allows oversight of performance metrics, player statistics, and overall affiliate account management.

Traffic Acceptance

The Pin Up Affiliate Programme distinguishes itself by accepting a vast array of traffic types. Ensuring the integrity of their network, the programme only excludes fraudulent and motivation traffic. This broad acceptance criterion allows for a diverse range of digital avenues to be explored by partners, amplifying potential reach and success.

Types of Traffic Accepted by Pin Up:

Revenue Share and CPA Models

Flexibility is at the forefront for affiliates within the program. They can toggle between revenue share and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) models.

The former model allows affiliates to partake in the revenue generated by their referrals. Conversely, the CPA model ensures a set commission for every player who registers and fulfills specific criteria.

Timely Payments and Detailed Statistics

Punctuality in commission disbursement is a hallmark of PinUp. Multiple payment avenues, inclusive of local payment systems, are at the affiliate’s disposal.

Complementing this is the access to granular statistics related to player behaviors, empowering affiliates to refine their promotional strategies for superior outcomes.

Pin Up affiliate withdrawal

Global player base in the Pin Up Affiliate Programme

The Pin Up Affiliate Programme boasts an expansive geographical reach, attributing much of its success to the widespread popularity of its brand globally. This international recognition not only enhances the programme’s appeal but also facilitates affiliates to tap into diverse and profitable markets seamlessly.

The programme has identified certain countries as particularly convertible, showcasing impressive engagement and conversion rates. These countries include:

Pin Up partner

Dedicated Affiliate Support

The cornerstone of the program’s success is the unwavering support provided to its affiliates. A dedicated account manager stands by every affiliate, addressing queries, offering insights, and finetuning campaigns for augmented conversion rates.

In summation, the Pin Up Affiliate Program provides an ecosystem that is lucid, rewarding, and supportive. It emerges as a top contender for individuals looking to carve a revenue stream in the online gambling sphere.

Active Players

The Pin Up Affiliate Program embeds a robust system dedicated to the tracking and assessment of active players. Via their personal accounts on the PinUp Partners portal, affiliates can peruse intricate statistics related to the performance metrics of their referrals. Key indicators such as active player count, betting tendencies, and revenue generation are readily available.

For partner Pin Up entities, the data:

The linchpin for player retention is the variety and quality of gaming options. Recognizing this, the program ensures a diverse game selection, augmenting the affiliate’s capacity to target varied player personas. This diversification enhances conversion potential, paving the way for increased earnings.

Partners of Pin Up stand to gain immensely from this data-driven approach. With insights into player preferences, affiliates can sculpt their promotional narratives to resonate with their audience. This data-centric focus empowers affiliates of Pin Up Casino to not just attract but also retain new players, culminating in a thriving affiliate venture.

Pin Up affiliate login

Conversion Rates

The PinUp Affiliate Program extends lucrative conversion rates to its affiliate Pin Up partners, presenting a golden chance for significant profit-making. A vital determinant of conversion rates within the program is the caliber of traffic channeled to the PinUp portal by affiliates.

Features of the program include:

High-quality traffic augments the likelihood of turning visitors into active players, amplifying commission payouts. The program operates on a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) model. Here, affiliates earn based on the count of referred players who deposit and meet predefined benchmarks.

Affiliates exhibiting consistent high-quality traffic inflow stand a chance to garner impressive profits via the Pin Up Affiliate Program. A suite of promotional resources, such as banners, landing pages, and singular referral links, are at their disposal. The Pin Up partners login platform grants access to granular statistics and player data, bolstering affiliates to monitor referred player performance and refine promotional strategies for optimal conversions.

Promotional Materials

pin up affiliate promo

Through the Pin–Up Casino Affiliate Program, affiliates are privy to an expansive array of promotional resources to captivate and engage players. Available aids encompass direct links, thematic web links, banners, videos, and assorted products. The potential to filter these by language and traffic type ensures pinpoint targeting.

The Pin Up partner platform becomes the gateway for affiliates to harness these promotional materials, seamlessly integrating them within their marketing blueprints. From game-specific direct links to attention-grabbing banners, the program provides a multiplicity of instruments to accentuate casino promotion and fuel player involvement.

Endowed with a comprehensive promotional toolkit, Pin Up affiliated members are poised to draw and retain players, thereby scaling their commission accruals.

At the heart of the promotional resources lies the vast array of games provided by Pin-Up Affiliate. This is one of the primary draws for potential players. Celebrated Gaming Vendors:

Payment Models

For withdrawals, PinUp has instituted a minimum withdrawal threshold, underpinning prompt affiliate payments. The precise threshold is subject to change, making it imperative for Pin Up aff to review affiliate terms for current specifics. Regular payout cycles ensure swift commission disbursements to affiliates.

A plethora of payment modalities, including:

In essence, the Pin-Up Affiliate Program, with its diversified payment models and structures like the revenue share plan and CPA model, offers affiliates a lucrative earning landscape. Established withdrawal norms and diverse payment gateways complement the affiliate’s revenue journey.

Player Statistics

The Pin Up Affiliate Program empowers affiliates with the capability to monitor player statistics and acquire detailed stats per player. Affiliates can conveniently retrieve this pivotal data by logging into their panel Pin Up account on the PinUp affiliate platform.

Initiating with the Pin Up Affiliate Program

pinup affiliate sign up

For individuals eyeing optimal gains in the digital gambling domain, the Pin-Up Affiliate Program emerges as an enticing proposition. Endowed with an array of promotional aids and a dedicated personal manager for guidance, initiation is straightforward. This section elucidates the steps to affiliate with the Pin-Up Casino and the growth vistas that beckon.

  1. Registration: To align as an affiliate with Pin-Up, one must head to their official website and steer to the affiliate program segment. In this zone, a simplistic form awaits your fundamental details. Post submission, a confirmation mail housing your Pin Up partners login details will reach your inbox.
  2. Tools & Resource Access: Post login into your affiliate panel, a treasure trove of promotional tools and resources unveils. From diverse marketing tools like banners and demo games to landing pages, everything is at your fingertips. Additionally, detailed stats, player metrics, and conversion ratios offer a mirror to your performance.
  3. Commission Earnings: Affiliates of Pin Up earn commissions proportional to the revenue churned by their referred players. The program champions varied payment structures including revenue share, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), and hybrid variants. Earnings are disbursed punctually via a spectrum of payment channels, encompassing national payment systems.

Pin Up Affiliate Login

To streamline your interaction with the partners Pin Up program and establish your Personal Cabinet, adhere to the subsequent steps:

  1. Accessing the Personal Cabinet: Post account approval, the Pin-Up affiliate login can be accomplished by using the provided username and password. To login, input these credentials on the Pin Up Affiliate Program portal.
  2. Navigating the Interface: Within the Personal Cabinet, affiliates are greeted with an intuitive interface. Perusing various tabs and dropdown menus will acquaint affiliates with the structural design of the Cabinet.
  3. Customizing Settings: The Cabinet offers customization options. Affiliates can modify their profile, cherry-pick payment methods, and tweak notification preferences. There’s also an option to activate the two-factor authentication (2FA) for heightened security.

Capitalizing on the Personal Cabinet in the Pin Up afiliate program empowers affiliates with pivotal tools and features, essential for optimizing earnings and diligently monitoring performance. Investing time in tailoring the Personal Cabinet ensures a roadmap to triumphant affiliate engagements.

Personal Cabinet Set Up

Establishing your Personal Cabinet with the Pin Up Affiliate Program is an uncomplicated endeavor. Here’s how to kick-start:

  1. Accessing the Personal Cabinet: Navigate to the Pin Up Affiliate Program portal. If you’re an existing user, utilize your allocated username and password for entry. Newbies can register and upon approval, begin using the Personal Cabinet.
  2. Navigating the Interface: The intuitive design of the Personal Cabinet ensures effortless navigation. It’s advised to familiarize oneself by exploring various tabs and sections.
  3. Customizing Settings: The Personal Cabinet’s flexible design allows bespoke settings. Affiliates can edit their profile, choose convenient payment gateways, and modify alert preferences. The inclusion of two-factor authentication (2FA) ensures reinforced security.
LandingsAccess to varied landings tailored for distinct countries.
Custom BannersAssistance in crafting specialized promotional banners.
Promo CodesProvision of unique promo codes for affiliate promotions.
Partners AppPin Up affiliate support provides an APK with tailored referral links for enhanced promotion.

It’s prudent to regularly refer to the Pin Up affiliate terms and conditions for updated information. Embrace the manifold advantages offered by the Pin-Up Affiliate Program’s Personal Cabinet and fortify your affiliate journey today.

Promoting the Brand and Traffic Influx

Channelizing traffic and augmenting the PinUp brand’s prominence can be realized through multifarious strategies and platforms.

Deploying a judicious mix of these tactics ensures prolific promotion of the PinUp brand, escalating traffic, and consequent commission amplification.

Pin Up affiliate program

Monitoring Progress & Outcomes

Within the Pin Up Affiliate Program, affiliates are endowed with an exhaustive stats tracker, simplifying the endeavor of gauging performance metrics. After accessing your Pin Up affiliate dashboard using your credentials:

  1. Stats Access: Head towards the stats tracker segment to procure a panoramic view of pivotal metrics and insights.
  2. Player Insights: Scrutinize player behavior and engagement, calibrating promotional endeavors in tandem.
  3. Conversion Metrics: Delve into conversion rates, elucidating the percentage of potential players transitioning into active PinUp users via your affiliate conduit.

Embracing the stats tracker in the affiliate program is instrumental in periodic evaluation, result-driven optimizations, and strategic refinements. Thus, affiliates are encouraged to consistently engage with the platform, unlocking the potential of analytical insights.

Pin-Up Partners Commission Structure

Pin-Up Partners extends a riveting PinUp affiliate commission program, designed specifically for individuals keen on channeling their traffic into a steady revenue stream. Boasting competitive rates and a myriad of payment solutions, affiliating with Pin-Up Partners is a gateway to consistent earnings.

ModelDescriptionCommission Range
CPA ModelCost Per Acquisition for each referred player.$25 to $50 per player
Revenue SharePercentage of net revenue from your referrals.Up to 50%
HybridA blend of both CPA and Revenue Share.Varies

Ensuring affiliates receive their rightful commissions, Pin-Up Partners remains punctual in its payment disbursements. Multiple payment channels, inclusive of prevalent banking systems and e-wallets, facilitate smooth transactions. Embrace the esteemed Pin-Up affiliate commission program today and embark on a financial journey with a leading name in the virtual gambling arena.

Features of the Pin Up Affiliate App

Pin Up Aff App

Designed to serve the dynamic needs of Pin Up partners, the Pin Up affiliate app is an instrumental asset, fostering result tracking and progress analysis. Its intuitive design equips affiliates with robust analytics, shedding light on their performance benchmarks.

To accentuate the personalization of the Pin Up affiliate app, affiliates are encouraged to liaise with the support team. This fosters a tailored experience, maximizing the utility of the application.

Benefits of the PinUp Affiliate Program

For affiliates venturing into the online gambling domain, the Pin Up Affiliate Program stands out as a premier choice, attributed to its plethora of benefits.

  1. High Conversion Potential: With Pin Up being a renowned casino, affiliates witness a surge in conversion rates.
  2. Legitimacy and Trust: Pin Up’s comprehensive licensing assures affiliates of a genuine platform, strengthening credibility.
  3. Dynamic Reward System: Affiliates relish a diverse array of commission models, aligning with individual goals.
  4. Game Diversity: Ranging from classic games to avant-garde video slots, affiliates promote a comprehensive gaming journey.

In essence, the Pin Up Affiliate Program manifests as a potent avenue for monetization for those aspiring to penetrate the online gambling affiliate niche.

Key Strategies to Boost Profits

  1. Promotional Materials: Capitalizing on the vast array of promotional content, such as banners and landing pages, ensures affiliates make a captivating first impression, driving player conversions and in turn, enhancing the Pin Up affiliate commission.
  2. Referral Links: The power of a personal touch cannot be understated. By integrating the personal referral link, affiliates generate top-tier traffic directed towards the Pin Up platform, solidifying their stature as a distinguished Pin Up partner.
  3. Player Statistics: Data remains at the heart of informed decision-making. Affiliates gain access to intricate player stats, facilitating trend identification and marketing optimization, targeting the unique preferences of players.
  4. Choosing the Right Payment Model: Whether it’s CPA, revenue share, or the hybrid plan, selecting the optimal payment model resonates with an affiliate’s audience and goals, ensuring a synergy between player preferences and promotional efforts.

At its core, the goal remains consistent: direct high-caliber traffic and incessantly champion the PinUp brand, nurturing a steadfast player community. To embark on a venture characterized by amplified profitability and success, aligning with the PinUp Affiliate Program is a commendable first step.

Players LTV at Pin Up

The Pin Up platform showcases an impressive Player Lifetime Value (LTV), indicative of players frequently depositing over extended periods, often exceeding a year. This success is largely attributed to the insightful marketing approaches employed, optimized using proprietary analytical tools. Such strategic personalization caters specifically to the preferences of gamblers and bettors, eliciting positive player responses.

Pin Up’s affiliate program is deeply committed to player retention across various geographical regions. Retention strategies encompass targeted:

Moreover, all promotional activities are geo-specific, ensuring they resonate with the unique gaming behaviors of users from different regions rather than deploying a one-size-fits-all approach.

In the realm of social media, themed content, contests, and promotional campaigns are frequently rolled out, heightening user engagement and fostering brand loyalty. For high rollers, Pin Up offers a dedicated VIP service and support, including exclusive slot releases, personalized bonuses, and 24/7 account management, among other perks.

Pin Up affiliation


The allure of the PinUp Casino Affiliate Program lies in its multifaceted approach to affiliate marketing. As a notable partner Pin Up, one gains exclusive access to brand-centric traffic through its CPA model, amplifying the likelihood of attracting elite players and subsequently, garnering commissions.

In the grand scheme of things, the Pin Up Affiliate Program emerges as an integral platform for aspiring and seasoned affiliates alike. By leveraging branded traffic, intricate statistics, simplified payment avenues, and a diverse gaming library, affiliates stand poised to maximize their revenue streams and carve a niche in the online casino affiliate domain.

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Article Author
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With years of journalistic experience under my belt within the iGaming sector, my fascination for this industry began soon after college. It was my involvement in local poker tournaments that paved the way to my interest in online poker and casino rooms. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with diverse communities and narratives in the world of gambling.

I’ve always held a deep appreciation for casino affiliate programs, and in my estimation, Pin Up is among the elite. Since 2020, I’ve been dedicatedly writing about the Pin Up affiliate program, showcasing its nuances and strengths.


How can affiliates access detailed statistics related to their referrals?
Via their personal accounts on the PinUp Partners portal.
How does the program assist in retaining players?
By offering a wide variety of high-quality gaming options.
What promotional resources are available for affiliates to enhance conversions?
Banners, landing pages, APK files and singular referral links.
What are the payment models available for PinUp affiliates?
Revenue Share Plan, CPA Model, and a Hybrid Model.
What is the benefit of the APK provided by Pin Up affiliate?
It contains tailored referral links for enhanced promotion.
How does the program empower its affiliates?
By offering data-centric insights that enable affiliates to tailor their promotional strategies, thereby attracting and retaining new players.
Do they accept player revenue both from the casino and bookmaker?
Yes, the PinUp programme integrates revenue generation from both its casino and bookmaker segments. By encompassing both these avenues, affiliates are positioned to tap into a comprehensive range of player activities, thereby broadening their revenue prospects.
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